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“LauschOrte” is a joint project of the Bremer Literaturkontor and the Kammerensemble Konsonanz.

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Bremer Literaturkontor


Bremer Literaturkontor


Kammerensemble Konsonanz


Kammerensemble Konsonanz

Außenansicht der Villa
© Rike Oehlerking

Bremer Literaturkontor

The Bremer Literaturkontor, “Litko”, is the central point of contact for Bremen authors of all ages, but also for anyone interested in literary life in the region. The Litko informs, advises and supports aspiring and established writers in their work and also represents their interests in the city. It promotes book premieres, initiates literary projects and readings of all kinds and regularly offers seminars and writing workshops for young and old. In addition, the LitKo organizes the awarding of the Bremen author scholarship, supports the professionalization of young authors and offers them a high-quality publication opportunity with “MiniLit”. With its work, the LitKo ensures the visibility of Bremen’s writers – be it with events, publications or a podcast. In cooperation with the virtual Literaturhaus it publishes the digital literature magazine (, which offers an overview of the local literary scene and additionally presents a literary approach to a new topic every month.  As a platform, the magazine was also a central component of Bremen’s successful application for the UNESCO City of Literature title. More information at:

Kammerensemble Konsonanz spielen Instrumente

Kammerensemble Konsonanz

Kammerensemble Konsonanz – is a group of professional string instrumentalists who surprise their audiences with exciting concert experiences and shed musical light on socially relevant topics. Fir this, the classically trained musicians look for impact on their work outside the standard classical repertoire. They usually play without a conductor, in a variety of formations from duo to chamber orchestra or perform as soloists accompanied by their colleagues. The ensemble places particular emphasis on interdisciplinary collaborations, e.g. with literature, dance and film.

Founded in 2014, the ensemble has been awarded various scholarships and grants, including the “Concert of the Future” from the Hamburg University of Music and Theater and the “Startpaket-Stipendium für konzertierende Musikerinnen” from the Bremen University of the Arts. In November 2022, the soloist ensemble’s project “The [Uncertain] Four Seasons” was shortlisted for the German Orchestra Foundation’s “Prize for Innovation”. In 2023, it received the Women’s Culture Promotion Prize (2nd place) from the Bremen Senator für Kultur. More information at:

Frank Jacobsen (sfj-productions) runs STUDIO P30 in the former Radio Bremen broadcasting center, the Sendesaal Bremen. Concert recordings (audio/video), radio broadcasts, sound reinforcement, live streams, CDs and podcasts, radio features, radio plays and LauschOrte are part of his extensive experience and portfolio.

He started working in radio at the beginning of 1992, initially as a permanent employee. Then in 1996, after a year of further training in Dublin, he began working as a freelancer for Radio Bremen, Deutschlandradio, NDR, WDR and many more. With his background as an enthusiastic musician of many years,  and equipped with a free and imaginative spirit, he implements project ideas creatively, meticulously and in the best possible way. This also includes the directing of voice recordings, so that the “translation” of the performance of the artists into recordings and the editing, mixing and designing of the final art work is a full success.

Side view of the bronze statue of the Bremen Town Musicians from 1953 on the Bremen Town Hall.
BTZ Bremer Touristik-Zentrale /Ingrid Krause, at Bremer Town Hall – Bremen Town Musicians

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